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Looking for help making your food labels compliant with CFIA?

Then you’ve clicked on the right website!  We will guide you every step of the way from start to finish to ensure your food label is compliant with Canadian food and labelling regulations. We’ve processed tens of thousands of labels over the last 30+ years.  We have hundreds of clients (both large corporations and  small businesses from Canada, the US and overseas) who have depended on us over these many years to ensure their product formulas, processing and labels (including English/French translations, nutrition panels and allergen declarations) meet the highest Canadian standards.  We offer competitive rates with a turnaround of two working days!  

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Since 1986, we have ensured Canadian compliance for thousands of product labels for our domestic and International clients, thereby avoiding any CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) and CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency) issues.


We offer personalized regulatory review of product formulas and processing, in-house translations, nutrition facts panel determination and full label reviews. We will also act as advocate in CFIA / CBSA regulatory matters.

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We invite you to visit our News blog to learn what’s new with us, CFIA and pertinent regulatory changes.

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