• Regulatory compliance review of:
    • Animal-based Protein products: meat, poultry, seafood, etc.
    • Plant-based protein products: simulated meats, vegetarian and vegan proteins, etc.
    • Non-protein products: bakery and pastries, cheese and other dairy, desserts, seasonal items, etc.
    • Special dietary needs: baby foods, dysphagia, meal replacements, nutritional supplements, weight loss products, etc.
    • Claim-specific products: gluten free, organic, non-GMO, etc.
  • Product formulas and labelling:
    • CDN compositional requirements under the SFCR (Safe Food for Canadians Regulations) enacted in January 2019.
    • Standard labelling requirement, ingredient and allergen labelling.
    • Conversion of nutrient data to Canadian format and appropriate panel determination.
    • Nutrient and health claims.
  • In-house translation of food labels:
    • CDN vs US English eg. Labelling vs Labeling.
    • Full Canadian French translation and formatting.
  • Advocacy in regulatory matters such as:
    • CFIA inspector issues.
    • Shipping/border issues
    • CFIA special consideration requests.
    • Deviation letters for USDA registration of meat products for export to Canada. 
Review of Nutrition Panel for compliance with CFIA

Have a food product label ready for our review?
Follow these easy steps.

1) Give us a call so we can discuss your project. From there:
2) Send us the following:
 the label (pdf format please)
 a description and dimensions for the packaging (bottle, box, pouch, etc)
 the unrounded nutrition information per 100 g (include density [g/ml] if it’s a liquid)
 the formula / processing information (optional but recommended – we can sign an NDA if you wish)
3) We will provide you with the project quote. Once approved, we proceed.
4) We send over the initial conversion based on the format of your current label so that your graphics company can easily make the updates.
5) Send us the new Canadian artwork for a final review.
6) Start shipping your product.

It is well understood that everything you tell us or send us is held strictly confidential…we don’t even share our client list with anyone.